Debt Ceiling What?

-by Nerdface-

I’ve been trying to extract myself from the quicksand of frustration to write something about the federal government and blah blah, but I don’t feel like being angry right now.

So here’s how to set your Mac desktop as a movie or screensaver.

1. If you already have your file in screensaver format, proceed to step two.  If you only have a movie file, download iScreensaver Designer 4 here (free trial is fine).  Drag your movie into the window, tweak your settings through the ‘info’ button on the left, click ‘build’, and it will install your movie as a screensaver.  (If you get an error message or two after the build is complete, you can probably ignore it—I did.)

2. Once you have your shiny new screensaver, download Wallsaver here.  Go to Preferences to choose the screensaver you want to set as your desktop, click ‘Activate’, and tada!  Get ready for your battery to run down a lot faster.

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