Homeless men and women comment on Kelly Thomas beating death

-by Nerdface-

Kelly Thomas, a homeless, schizophrenic man, was beaten into a coma by six Fullerton police officers and died five days later.

Heartbreaking, tragic, infuriating.  It’s hard to find words.

I thought these comments by other homeless people in Fullerton were very interesting.  It’s important to fight for justice in the Kelly Thomas case, especially with the whispers of cronyism that seem to explain the three-week gap between Thomas’s death and any real investigation of the case.  But let’s also take this as a reminder for every one of us….  The people we see on our streets who are down on their luck are human too… they too deserve eye contact, a smile, an acknowledgment, at the least.  And perhaps, there but for the grace of god go we.

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