The Hypocrisy of the Michael Vick Haters

-by Nerdface-

So many people are furious because Michael Vick has been pulling his life back together post-dogfights and post-prison, and is back to making some mad cash.  If you don’t believe me, check out this screenshot (and try to ignore the very odd fifth result):

You know what?  I agree that dogfighting absolutely IS awful, inhumane, and disgusting.  But you know what else?  The people screaming about this are (almost all) fucking hypocrites.

Because I guarantee you that nearly all of them eat factory farmed meat.

Before you freak out, I do not think eating meat is bad in and of itself.  What’s bad is overfishing our oceans and raising animals in a prolonged and cruel living death.  That’s what’s bad.

And I think you are the very definition of hypocrite if the idea of dogfighting makes you cry yet you refuse even to consider exactly why the meat in that hamburger only cost you $1.

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One thought on “The Hypocrisy of the Michael Vick Haters

  1. Elaine says:

    Yep, it’s an interesting thing how people can value some animals more than others. Or how they can rationalize the pain some animals feel but not the pain others feel.

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