CNN’s sensationalism

-by Nerdface-

Not that CNN’s bent toward sensationalism is news, but….  Check out this little procession.

Front page.  OMG.  Boehner objected to something Obama did! And Obama capitulated!

Once you click on the initial link….  Oh wait.  It was just sort of a request.  And Obama accepted.  Like a prom invitation!  And then:

So wait.  Due to feedback from a prominent member of Congress, Obama decided to move a speech he was going to make to Congress—one day.  This is front-page, top-banner-space headline news exactly how?

It seems obvious that on many levels of major media there is a determination to sensationalize—to pointlessly sensationalize—everything that possibly can be.  Maybe it’s because they’re subscribing to a philosophy of link bait; maybe it’s partially shaded with a ‘**bright shiny thing** don’t pay any attention to the dude starving in the corner’ agenda.  Either way, the result is to cater to the lowest denominator while accepting or encouraging that it forces the rest of us down to that same level.

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