America: Where we torture innocent people, execute when there is reasonable doubt, a Kardashian wedding is news, and “So You Think You Can Dance” rules the airwaves.

-by Kid Bucket-

Because I have no life, sometimes I like to imagine my life is a movie. Where is my character going? Is he going to meet that special someone? Would I even watch this fucking movie?

I can answer these questions: Hopefully upwards, I’ll let her find me (I’m too busy imagining my life as a movie), and I would probably drunk Netflix Stream it (but never Quickster it).

But after I heard the news that Troy Davis had been executed while the Supreme Court sat on their asses and acted as the executioner (I’m sure there was a lobbyist benefit that they had to go to and just did. not. have. the. time. to read any of the evidence or the retracted statements, one of which came from someone who was later fingered as the REAL FUCKING SHOOTER by another witness) I tried to imagine my “Real life as a movie” day dream on a larger scale and the roles of the people in it and realized something…

The Government is getting evil-er and evil-er.

Say you are watching a movie and there is a “Fake” Government that does these things:

1. Starts an endless war on people whom are being made into criminals by said war (War on Terror or the War on Drugs? Take your pick)

2. Tortures the shit out of innocent people, in some cases actually murdering them 

3. Makes undocumented immigrants give birth WHILE FUCKING SHACKLED TO A BED AND A GUARD WATCHES EVERYTHING 

4. Executes people who may be innocent, but because the people screaming for blood are white, guess what? He’s biting it. African American population, there’s your reparations.

5. Sets up Governments in other countries that may be repressive to the people and not what they want. After all, what do we care?! We can get some cheap shit.

6. Has lawmakers who wont approve money to help disaster victims in their OWN STATE.

Not to mention the fact that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was only now just repealed and most people who aren’t white male big business owners are treated like shit.

Is this what we have become? Or have we always been this fucked up as a country and I am just now starting to care enough to pay attention?

If you saw that in a movie would you not immediately realize they were the bad guys? I feel like I am preaching to the choir on this (fucking hippies, all of you) but I had to grab my bourbon and my laptop and see what I could pull out of my skull after this shit.

And people wonder why I drink…

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One thought on “America: Where we torture innocent people, execute when there is reasonable doubt, a Kardashian wedding is news, and “So You Think You Can Dance” rules the airwaves.

  1. haitibabies says:

    love your post. wish it weren’t true.

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