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Giving readers a play-by-play of a typical scenario of “spontaneous” sex between her and Baskett, Wilkinson explains in her new book “Being Kendra” that “as parents, now we have to try to fit in sex whenever we can.”  …Wilkinson, who refuses to “buy into that whole belief that married couples don’t have sex,” doesn’t ever plan to eliminate lovemaking from the relationship altogether.

Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Thank Vader you got this news out to me, CNN.  I can’t begin to fathom how empty my life would feel if I didn’t know details about some random woman’s very very insipid sex life (who is she again, and why should I care?). This woman doesn’t plan to completely stop having sex with her husband?  DAMN!  Stop the presses. We’ve got ourselves a fucking STORY! May the dark side of the Force forever forbid I get my hands on a piece of news with some real implications!

Like this one: a freshman in Texas was given a multiple-day suspension for making a comment to a fellow student, during a discussion about religion and homosexuality in German class, that he thinks homosexuality is wrong.

Look.  I’m queer, and I grew up in a conservative, Christian town of less than 1,000 people.  My school certainly didn’t have any ‘gays’ and it didn’t want any either.

So I get it.  I really do.  But this is NOT the kind of thing that helps the LGBT cause; it’s NOT something that helps progressives in general; and it’s wrong.  It simply is.  There is a difference between hate speech/bullying and what basically boils down to a misinformed opinion (that about half the US shares).  I mean, the kid is like freakin’ 14 years old.  He’s not hopeless.  One day maybe, in college or at work or wherever, he’ll meet a nice normal person who happens to be gay or trans or bi or maybe just an eloquent straight ally, and he’ll see the light.  But the more this kind of thing happens, the more walls he’ll throw up and the further and further back that day will be pushed.   Suspending him for voicing his (parents’) opinion smacks of the highest hypocrisy: “We want freedom of speech and to be left alone and allowed to do our thing, but we don’t want that for YOU, you misguided, evil-minded person.” That refrain sound familiar to you? It should. We (the LGBT community) have been hearing it for years.

Liberal knee-jerk reactions like this student’s suspension give the other side ammunition I’d rather they didn’t have.  And in the long run, it does no good to switch places with the bigot, no matter how good it might feel at first to have the shoe on the other foot.

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