Mission 2ccomplished: The Reaccomplishingment

-by Kid Bucket-

Look, I am not going to pretend to break any story here. I don’t know anybody special that can give me some insider information, all I can do is give my two cents.

I dont know what I was expecting when it came to the perception I was supposed to take to Iraqis while I was in the military. However it became pretty obvious very quickly, we were supposed to be bloodthirsty when it came to the idea of killing Iraqis (or as some people expected us to call them and I made sure I never said because I would have hated myself; Rag Heads, Sand-Niggers, or just calling them Muslims so we would hate everyone in the religion). We weren’t supposed to care about the idea of killing women and children (0ne of the various “war cries” we were expected to repeat was “KILL”, and then lengthened to “Kill Babies”; I almost threw up the first time I heard a platoon yelling that) because who wants to do that? We have a job to do! We have to get the people that attacked us! Like… no I don’t know any names, Mufasa Al-Something or Other. If a family or a school full of children gets blown up in a drone attack, well that’s the cost of war. Look! We built you a new shitty school! Thanks, Haliburton!

One thing I am not proud of myself about is that I never really studied politics and how things work until AFTER I signed the contract. I never knew that the contracting firms (many of them nothing more than mercenaries) made sure that we would stay at war longer than what was needed so they could keep raking in those sweet government contracts. I never really knew that politicians would thank veterans for their service and then use them as simple pawns.

Why did I join? Were YOU going to pay for my college?

I just want to throw this out there, it is probably going to be some numbers you either have heard over and over again or are going to:

Since May 1, 2003 when we Accomplished the Mission-

3095 Days

3422 Troops Killed

That’s 3422 families who breathed a sigh of relief when President Bush landed on the aircraft character thinking he was fucking Maverick or something (well since he was riding shotgun—Goose?) and said that the mission was accomplished…

they eventually had a knock on their door.

I know this post has been a little all over the place, a little bit of a mind dump, but it’s what my mind went to when I heard that President Obama had announced the withdrawal plan to get the troops out of Iraq by the end of the year.

What’s funny is that I had just been doing some research recently on the gutting of Veterans’ Benefits over the past year, especially those who served in combat areas and are going to need financial assistance for the rest of their life. If you look into how the government treats the military it’s pretty damning evidence to prove that the newly elected GOP really are bigger pieces of shit than we gave them credit for, in case there were readers out their who didn’t already know that.

Until next time…


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