-by Kid Bucket-

I have always thought that one of the only things just as bad as an in your face member of the religious right is an in-your-face, smug, better than everyone else uber-liberal. Now don’t get me wrong—when it comes to social issues I am just about as liberal as you can be. I’m all for illegal Mexican lesbians getting married and having all the abortions they want, because it’s their business.

But recently things have been getting out of hand.

Steve Jobs died and many people were doing their own thoughts about him on the internet, including this illustrious blog, and while some of them were a little ridiculous I think most of them were justified. He was an incredibly smart man who helped usher in a new age of consumer electronics, effectively changing the world for the better. Then came the backlash to the eulogies. The “One guy dies and the world goes crazy and a thousand starve to death in Africa every minute and no one cares?!?!?!?!” messages started lighting up Facebook, with people who didn’t want to look like assholes hitting the “Like” button because that’s what we do. Yeah, it’s fucking sad that so many people over there die, and it’s even more sad that we have become so desensitized to death and violence that it takes in your face pictures like this to make us have a real reaction, but that is precisely what has happened. I’m not sorry that I was sad that Steve Jobs died, but he only dies once (probably) and I am pretty sure that I will have a lot of opportunity to run the full gamut of emotions when I see new information about the plight in the worse off African countries.

The other subject that seems to be beyond reproach recently is the “Occupy” movement, a movement I partially agree with. The movement has been covered on this blog already, so I won’t actually cover what they stand for. I would urge you, however, to go to one of the rallies to see for yourself if you don’t know what they stand for yet. BUT HOW DARE ANYONE MAKE A JOKE OUT OF THE MOVEMENT’S NAME! How dare anyone tweet #occupycouch! And from your new iPhone that you were really excited to get! You should be ashamed of yourselves, people who don’t take it 100% seriously! I’m sorry, but I can only take something that has drum circles 99% seriously at the most (see what I did there). If I make a joke about the “Occupy” movement with Universal Studios as the example am I taking away the power of the movement? No, and it’s ridiculous for anyone to take themselves that seriously.  The name can be used to make jokes just like the Tea Party movement BUT OURS IS TOTALLY WAY MORE IMPORTANT GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS FOR REALS FUCK THOSE TEA BAGGERS AMIRITE! SOMEBRODY GET THE DRUMS! 

I don’t have a problem with people who have different views and beliefs as my own.  I used to though. I used to get SO ANGRY when someone would be strictly pro-life or was not for marriage equality: HOW DARE THEY NOT AGREE WITH MY VIEWS!  But I changed.  During my time in the military I was forced to be around people that I didn’t agree with and they might not have agreed with me. In fact, it happened more often than not. I didn’t get to decide I was only going to hang out with people who thought the same as I did. Do you know what happened? We worked together and got the damn job done. We didn’t sit around talking about who should be allowed to get their baby vacuumed out of them, or who married who, because we were people. We had many things in common, and I realized that because they might have those views doesn’t mean they aren’t good people. If their views are based of religion then you aren’t going to be able to change them, so why shove it down their throats or yell at them and call them stupid? By acting like smug assholes we are only hurting the causes that we are fighting for. When you can find common ground with the other side  THEN you try and sway their opinion. So TALK to some Tea Partiers if you get the chance, be cordial with them. INVITE them to the Occupy movement and I bet they will agree with you on more issues than you think.

Well, on monetary issues. I wouldn’t bring up Muslims.

Or Gays.

Or Unborn Babies.


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