What’s funny is really funny unless it’s not funny then it’s wrong.

-by Kid Bucket-


It’s a very hard thing to categorize generally, from person to person. For example, A Fish Called Wanda is a hilarious movie (if you disagree you are wrong and we will take this out back and fight to the death like gentlemen) but not everyone likes Bored to Death (which just means you don’t get it and are dumb). Other than what not liking these two examples says about you, if you don’t think something is funny doesn’t mean it’s not comedy. South Park has been proving this for years, with just about every group of people on earth. I have laughed at every single episode of South Park I have ever seen, even the episode about gingers not having souls (it’s not as funny now, thanks people who think that repeating everything you hear ad nauseum is still hilarious I’M RICK JAMES BITCH!). But I am sure there are some Catholics who don’t like “Red Hot Catholic Love”, and some Mormons who don’t like “All About Mormons”.

I would mention Scientologists and “Trapped in the Closet”, but Tom Cruise would probably just sue me in England.

Which brings me to my point…

All of us, both sides of the political spectrum, need to collectively un-bunch our panties and admit that just because we don’t find something is funny doesn’t mean it is inherently wrong.

Some of you may know that I am addicted to reading Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze. I don’t know why I have to look at it a couple times a day, because it just pisses me off AND I COULD TOTALLY STOP I JUST DON’T WANT TO GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT. My username is also LiberalMarine, which really seems to piss them off (well, the ones who don’t just assume I am not a Marine, because there is no way a true veteran could ever be a Liberal). So it was pretty enlightening when I saw these two articles posted on THE SAME DAY and read the adjoining comments.



Now, it’s not the headlines that raise the eyebrow, it’s the comments. I don’t want to taint this blog with the comments from this… news(?) blog, so I won’t until I finally get around to my “Today in hilariously sad comments from The Blaze” daily post I have been planning on doing but keep putting off, because dammit! unemployment is so time consuming.

If I remember right, the same people who called George W. Bush a Nazi are the people who get upset when Rush calls Obama exactly that. Just as the same people who think it’s funny for Zombie Obama to have a bullet hole in his head think it’s wrong for a video game to have you kill Tea Partiers. It’s wrong for Jon Stewart to do a (meh…) Cain impression but it’s funny and okay for the radical right to have signs portraying Obama as an African warlord with giant piercings.

It’s just bullshit that our skin is getting thinner by the day. Some co-worker made an anti-gay joke? Confront him, don’t cry to managers. Some business owner said that he won’t serve a specific group of people? DON’T GO TO HIS ESTABLISHMENT. If you make him apologize then it’s not going to mean anything. Like what happened with Kobe Bryant when he called someone a fag—his apology was bullshit and everyone knew it. But never fear! GLAAD is here to force themselves on the public. I agree with what GLAAD stands for, but you CANNOT force these things on the American people.

It all ties into the general hypocrisy that is commited by people of the whole political spectrum.

Zombie Bush- funny


Religious right pushing their extreme values on the American people- WRONG

GLAAD forcing basketball stars to make ridiculous meaningless apologies- THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND TOTALLY NOT FORCING SPECIFIC VALUES LIKE THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT

But it’s okay because the left is doing it, right?

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One thought on “What’s funny is really funny unless it’s not funny then it’s wrong.

  1. Cory says:

    Spot on, there is too much political correctness going on that gradually increases with time as America becomes soft. Like Tosh said, his job is pure because he can shout “God hates queers” and people will laugh, try doing that at your job.

    The Left and Right point fingers at each other over who is saying or doing what at all times. Good parallel on the Church and LGBT rights groups like GLAAD and their “values” and how one is inherently more important than the other, when it is all just personal choice.

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