common ground

-by Nerdface-

Despite bucket-loads of articles pitting the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street against each other, beyond the mainstream media the two movements are cautiously reaching out to each other.

Blogger James Sinclair writes, in an excellent post, “The greatest threat to our economy is neither corporations nor the government. The greatest threat to our economy is both of them working together. There are currently two sizable coalitions of angry citizens that are almost on the same page about that, and they’re too busy insulting each other to notice.” His post includes this diagram:

In Los Angeles, Occupy LA (one of the last intact Occupy camps) and End the Fed activists have been teaming up to bring attention to the massive theft and corruption caused by the incestuous and illegal marriage of government and corporations.

Click on the photo below (by Christian Garcia) for a full slideshow.

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One thought on “common ground

  1. Sue Naami says:

    Great Stuff!! Venn diagram captures it. The OCCUPY movement reminds me of the 60’s demonstrations. When the Democratic national convention was “occupied” in Chicago, and the Mayor gave the order to police to “shoot to maim”. I predict that the frustrations with the Democratic Party will result in an “Occupy the Democratic National convention” like the 1960’s. The Vietnam War was the same incestuous marriage between the gov’t and the military industrial complex as revealed by Daniel Elsberg in the Pentagon Papers.

    the only difference now is that the Supreme Court is bought and paid for in the Citizens United Case and the Secretary of the Treasury under Bush and Obama are Wall Street executives padding the system in favor of investment bankers.

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