and so, the terrorists win.

-by Nerdface-

The US Senate has passed a bill allowing the indefinite detention—without a trial, without a lawyer, without any rights—of anyone suspected of aiding or being a terrorist (including US citizens).

And how did the bill pass? 93 to 7. Three Republicans, three Democrats, and one Independent voted against it. Everyone else said, “Sounds like an okay idea to us!”

Every single senator who voted for this deserves to lose their job and never hold office again—not on a local school board, not anywhere.

How has it come to this?

Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.): “The enemy is all over the world. Here at home. And when people take up arms against the United States and [are] captured within the United States, why should we not be able to use our military and intelligence community to question that person as to what they know about enemy activity? They should not be read their Miranda Rights. They should not be given a lawyer…”

How lucky the terrorists are—our Congress is happy to do their work for them! By the time Al Qaeda regroups for their next attack, there may not be any freedom left to destroy!

More info:

Jon Stewart – The Daily Show

Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone

Michael McAuliff and Jennifer Bendery – Huffington Post

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