With Liberty and Justice for Some

-by Nerdface-

Excerpt from Glenn Greenwald‘s excellent new book, which discusses the way the powerful in America (both public and private) are generally exempted from prosecution for crimes they commit:

[Washington Post’s Richard] Cohen protested: “As any prosecutor knows—and Martha Stewart can attest—white-collar types tend to have a morbid fear of jail.” Of course, blue-collar types, and poorer ones still, do not mind prison at all. Why would they? It’s their natural habitat, where they belong. Prison is for people like them.

Under this view, law is needed to control and constrain the ignoble masses (that is, the powerless), who will otherwise spread chaos and disorder. But the noble among us need no constraints. Indeed, the opposite is true: society is better off if the most privileged are free to act without limits, for that will maximize the good they can produce for everyone.

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One thought on “With Liberty and Justice for Some

  1. squelsch says:

    Sort of reminds me of the code of Hammurabi. The rich could get away with killing the poor. Or at least get away with crimes that those below them could not. Not much has changed I guess.

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