It’s a joke already… fuck it, let’s bring in a comedian

-by Kid Bucket-

Last night, something happened that I was hoping would happen for a long time.

No, no one announced a sequel to “Starsky and Hutch”.

Stephen Colbert announced a run for presidency, handing over the reigns of the Colbert Super PAC to Jon Stewart (who I was hoping would run as his Vice President, but I guess not) in a very humorous segment that also outlined more of the ridiculousness that these PACs provide. Handing over millions of dollars that can be used to sway elections? Yep, just two pieces of paper and a transferring ceremony that I’m sure happens every time something like this takes place.

But while this is more than likely a long-form joke meant to highlight how potentially destructive money in politics is, I can’t help but hope this is real.


The word Obama used as one of his campaign slogans quickly became a laughing stock during his presidency, and is now used against him. I hoped he would close Guantanamo Bay. I hoped he would help to legalize marijuana. I hoped he would help to get all Americans equal rights.

How’s that working out for us?

Satirists’ job is to look at the world differently. That’s what makes them stand out among other writers and performers. They point out the ridiculousness that we might not have seen and spin what we already saw into something new. They are masters of bringing others to their way of thinking, and making people laugh is something that doesn’t know party lines.

So why shouldn’t we elect a satirist to the highest national office? We have already elected an actor, and many people see him as the greatest president to ever hold the office. The people who complain about not wanting a career politician to run should love him, since a lot of the people who have never held office and run for president spent most of their time sucking off the career politicians they end up running against. He could help change the viciousness of the national discussion and help the two sides work together.

I honestly can’t see any reason for him not to run, and I’ve always hoped he would.

Hope: it can be powerful.

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