A mouthpiece for everyone

-by Kid Bucket-

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! That means the 24 hr news channels get to wax poetic about what Martin Luther King would have done in every possible circumstance, even if they are probably completely wrong.

Would have MLK supported Obama?

Would MLK have been a part of the Occupy Movement?

Would MLK support Gay Marriage?

How about Abortion?

or the Tea Party?

Maybe a Progressive?

I really hate to be crass, but last I heard he was shot in 1968. He doesn’t have an opinion on anything anymore, but if he were alive he would probably want to speak for himself. But in his stead, don’t worry, we have every relative (sometimes so distant they probably never even talked about the topics they are now on Fox News to discuss) and African-American Studies professor putting their beliefs into Dr. King’s mouth. Would he have been a member of the Occupy Movement? Some of his quotes point to him supporting the ideas of #OccupyEverythingEvenIfTheyDontWantIt. But no one knows for sure.

So instead of someone in the movement stepping up like Dr. King did (“That’s totes against the idea of the movement, bro!”) we make broad statements about one of the best men this nation has ever had.

But does that mean we can’t have another? Can’t someone stand up and follow in his footsteps? I hope someone does, and then 45 years after they pass away (of hopefully natural causes) we can argue about their thoughts concerning abortion.

But there really is just one lingering question… would Martin Luther King Jr. have been a twitterer?

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