-Kid Bucket-

It actually happened.

Conservative values went so far to the right they spun back around to “values” that makes a lot of liberals say “That’s fucked up”. The debate audience showed again that without Rick Perry they need a candidate who will pander to them. A candidate that will tell them what they want to hear. A candidate that is so far out of the establishment they are in the establishment to tear it apart from the inside.

That candidate is Rick Perry Newt Gingrich.

I’m not an economist. Most economic questions that are more complicated than “You had 20 dollars and you spent 5, how many dollars do you have now” is somewhat gibberish to me. I’m really trying to understand what put us in this shit storm of an economy, and I’m getting there. So in the meantime I will focus more of the fucking sleazy aspects of his hypocritical “values” campaign.

To anyone who wants to see a debate wizard, I would highly recommend they watch Newt Gingrich’s performances. I say performances because I think I’ve already used my allotted uses of the word “pander” since the Tour de Douche hit the south. He doesn’t get asked something he likes? Says he doesn’t want to answer the question, puts on his beat-down strung-out face, and gives a sanctimonious answer. He would give a straight answer but he isn’t in the establishment so fuck you. His quick rise just goes to show that the idea of “anyone but Obama” is going to lead to some really terrible candidates, most of them worse.

In four years, if we end up with President Newt, it’ll be the same shit over again.


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