we’re rich!

-by Nerdface-

Haitibabies got this today:

Our reply:

Awesome. Can you please send it in cash. Twenty dollar bills would be best, I think.

Once it gets here, we’re taking all four five of you devoted readers out to dinner!

I also appreciate how bankers are now using Comic Sans. It is a sign that clearly we have now reached the end times. Hope you guys have your zombie-shotguns ready.

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3 thoughts on “we’re rich!

  1. kidbucket says:

    The two of us and our two readers… I’m counting that as a party of four.

  2. kidbucket says:

    I just went back and read it again, I wouldn’t do this because the Bank of Africa’s $3/month charges just for even HAVING a debit card is ridiculous. OCCUPY AFRICA!

  3. Job Loser says:

    have you ever seen a Nigerian fake check? they’re awesome! request one sometime.

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