It’s an election year…

-by Nerdface-

…so let’s take a look at Obama’s record, shall we?

-He didn’t close Guantánamo Bay, possibly the largest stain on the American conscience right now (and that’s saying a lot, sadly). If you read only one article today, read this.
-He signed the 2012 NDAA, which allows Americans to be imprisoned, indefinitely, without trial, until “the end of hostilities” (of the war on terror), which, we can all agree, at the current rate, is never.
-He supports the PATRIOT Act and has voted for it (as a Senator) and signed it into law (as President), despite the many times that he previously spoke out against it.
-He authorized the assassination of an American on foreign soil, based on his say-so as President: no day in court, no trial.
-Continued and escalated foreign conflicts, including the use of drones. He brought troops home from Iraq only when (per a treaty signed under George W. Bush) he could do nothing else. There are still thousands of “security” contractors in Iraq.
-His administration stated it would have a hands-off policy for medical marijuana, then did an about-face and orchestrated an on-going, multi-agency crackdown against pot that’s far beyond anything Bush did.
-The Obama administration has prosecuted more current or former government officials for providing classified information to the media than every previous administration combined.
-Supported the Wall Street bailouts, appointed former heads of JP Morgan and Monsanto to influential government positions.

Arguably mixed bags:
-Passed a health reform law.
-Deported record numbers of illegal immigrants, supposedly focusing on those with criminal records.

-Repealed DADT.
-Officially ended the policy of torture carried out by the Bush administration.

The negative list is worthy of the Bush administration, and, under a Republican president, would be subjected to scathing critique and righteous fury from liberals.
We cannot afford to overlook these acts, even when they come to us at the hands of an eloquent, handsome, black, nominally progressive President. Believe me, I understand. I doubt that anyone—except maybe those imprisoned without trial or killed—is more sorry than I that Obama is not what he could have been. But reality is here. And we cannot and must not delude ourselves any longer.

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One thought on “It’s an election year…

  1. squelsch says:

    A mixed bag. Probably a paper one because I can see poo starting to seep through it.

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