Maybe they are right? Should “Radical Change” happen?

-by Kid Bucket-

There are many out there who complain that Barack Obama and the “Socialist Left” are trying to fundamentally change America. They say that by supporting same-sex marriage, addressing income inequality, limiting the amount of junk food provided in schools and trying to maybe get America off of it’s fat ass and walk every once in a while, we want to take everything that is good about our country and turn it inside out.

Let’s take a look:

  • The obesity rate continues to sky rocket, with the projected figures showing that OVER HALF OF ALL AMERICANS will be obese by the year 2020.
  • The income inequality continues to get worse, with the GOP doing everything it can to make sure the top 1% can continue to pay low taxes, doing this under the guise of “job creation”. They say they aren’t worried about social issues as much but, as a party, they continue to defund women’s health organizations and write horrible legislation that fucks over everyone who is in a civil union, regardless of sexual orientation.
  • The 24 hour news cycle does nothing but exacerbate issues, with more fighting over which channel is more biased than the other instead of what they are actually fucking talking about.
  • States are voting against equal rights, because they are either being pressured by their churches to donate against passing marriage equality with the threat of excommunication (California) or because a large number of people in the state don’t even really know everything in the bill (North Carolina).
  • Laws like “Stand Your Ground” not only exist, BUT THRIVE, in 2012. Wan’t to look at me the wrong way? I’ll just shoot you and tell the cops you advanced on me. Bingo bango, I’m in the clear.
  • Medical marijuana is not only illegal in most places, but still leads to an incredible number of arrests. With many of the arrests having harsher judgements on minorities.
  • These even exist.
  • A basic debate on the debt ceiling almost brought the country to it’s knees.

That is just a small percentage of the bullshit.

We have so much good as well, but it get’s completely drowned out by all the horrible that happens right beside it. The fact that anyone could even write something like this is more freedom than a lot of countries have. But being able to write about how something has gotten so shitty doesn’t really make up for the soul deadening developments that go with it.

Am I saying reboot the country? No. But until we can sit down and have an adult conversation about what it really happening to the country nothing is ever going to get fixed.

I’m surprised I was able to write that last sentence without laughing.


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