Haitibabies is written by a liberal Marine in Orlando, FL and a libertarian-leaning hippie in Los Angeles, CA. We write about what interests us, which is approximately everything. Examples include: technology, sports, politics, pop culture, music, film, politics, and politics.

We care passionately about many things, and we rant and we argue, but we also believe strongly in the value of differing viewpoints and in the importance of honest, thoughtful debate.

We are not terribly in love with either political party. If you’re up for joining a new one with us, send us an email at haitibabies@ymail.com; if you are a Twitterer, you should be following us.

The name Haitibabies comes from this, which we feel is a beautiful example of how (ostensibly) well-meaning and yet selfish and all-around silly human beings can be.


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