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we’re rich!

-by Nerdface-

Haitibabies got this today:

Our reply:

Awesome. Can you please send it in cash. Twenty dollar bills would be best, I think.

Once it gets here, we’re taking all four five of you devoted readers out to dinner!

I also appreciate how bankers are now using Comic Sans. It is a sign that clearly we have now reached the end times. Hope you guys have your zombie-shotguns ready.

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The Pocket Guide to Not-Quite-Legal Scenic Destinations

Today, a post by special guest writer Danny Wind, internationally acclaimed, claimed, and reclaimed author of Let’s Kill All the Belgians: A Child’s Guide to Genocide.


Some of America’s coolest, most beautiful destinations are, strictly speaking, barred to the public. But this handy guide shows how an intrepid traveler could, hypothetically, check some of them out for himself–not that we’d ever endorse breaking the law, of course!

Jerimoth Hill (Foster, RI)

The highest point in the state of Rhode Island at 812 feet, Jerimoth Hill sits on private property and is officially off-limits to hikers. But simply vault the fence at the unattended western edge of the property–especially on weekdays, nobody’s likely to stop you.

Abandoned Subway Tunnels (Indianapolis, IN)

Construction began on these in the mid-1970s, but was abandoned when funding ran out. Now they’re an urban spelunker’s dream. The entrance to the only completed station (at 16th and Rankin) is gated and padlocked, but our sources tell us that this can be easily defeated with a common set of lockpicks. Be sure to take a buddy with you–these tunnels may not be as dangerous as the city will say they are, but there’s still a risk from falling debris.

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the fifth of November

-by Nerdface-

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

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Occupy LA

-by Nerdface-

I support the Occupy movement.

Sure, it’s messy; sure, some of the people involved are loopy and/or misguided and/or Choose-Your-Favorite-Conspiracy-Theorists and/or fill in the blank with someone you don’t 100% agree with. That’s the thing about it. 99% is a big tent.

We (people directly involved, people indirectly involved, and people who support the movement or support some aspect of the movement or aren’t sure what we support although we agree something is wrong with our country) CANNOT allow ourselves to be divided any longer. Right, left, center, and everything or nothing at once: we are all the losers when corporate money can buy policy and perpetuate war, when risk is foisted upon the general public while profit (gained fraudulently and illegally, no less) is kept by the few.

Below are photos I took of Occupy LA today. Occupy LA is located at Temple and Spring in Downtown LA, in front of and around City Hall.

For more information on the Occupy LA movement click here; for more information on Occupy Wall Street, click here. One photo below shows a list of items that the Occupy LA movement very much needs—tents and bottled water are most critical. If you can’t be at the protests, consider donating, spreading the word, or helping in another way that works for you.


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Diaspora launches alpha!

-by Nerdface-

I have been waiting for this all my life—well, since the first time I used a social network.  Which is basically all my life, right?  Life doesn’t start till you have a myspace page?


Thank you, internet gods!!!!

Check.  It.  Out.

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apple store chart

-by Nerdface-

Click to enlarge.

thanks to Beff Dizz and juliwood

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