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The War on Women has found a enemy—everyone else as well.

-by Kid Bucket-

The idea that the GOP is waging a war on women is becoming more and more apparent, but it doesn’t stop there anymore. The religious sect of the right is now taking its battle to both genders with the new Blunt Amendment. With this new attack on rationalism, the GOP have taken the contraception mandate and extended so that it extends to all forms of medical coverage, so they can use it to deny anything that costs more than a band-aid.

Example: You are an employer and one of your employees tells you they have cancer and boy… is that going to be expensive… but wait! You can say your super specific form of Christianity states that chemotherapy is actually the work of the devil and you aren’t going to cover it. Does it matter that this super specific religion doesn’t actually exist? Nope. But thanks to the Blunt Amendment you can be a super huge dick to employers and blame it on religious freedoms.

Now, is that as bad as decimating entire cultures and blaming it on a belief system that more and more people are coming to deny? No, of course it isn’t, but it is still the most recent example of pushing religious beliefs onto an increasingly nonsupporting public. At one time, the Catholic church was a very liberal institution, comparatively, but they are being left behind, and with the last couple breaths the leadership is fighting to stay relevant. Is it going to happen? It might, but there is also a chance of Santorum becoming president (sorry, I just had a waking nightmare) as well and that doesn’t make it any less scary.

This situation has been inching closer and closer to the boiling point, and not a moment too soon. The congressional hearings with no women scheduled to testify. A powerful pundit for the right using increasingly repugnant language to describe a woman who testified in favor of birth control. The brush off when it was brought up that the insurance covered Viagra.

But that was different of course. Viagra isn’t for women, and women aren’t men and have to have kids and cook while cleaning, so take that, people with vaginas.

That this issue is finally getting this amount of attention will turn out to be a very good thing, because this is a REAL case of the interaction between church and government. This isn’t some whiny girl who didn’t want to look at a banner that basically asked her to not be a dick to her classmates. This isn’t a display of the Ten Commandments in front of a state building. This is a case that has an effect of the lives of not just women, but all citizens, for the foreseeable future.

And in the meantime, let’s try to not need a banner to tell us to not be a dick to each other.

P.S. If you were wondering where most of the GOP talking points have been coming from, check out this article written be someone who obviously has no idea how birth control works.

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A mouthpiece for everyone

-by Kid Bucket-

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! That means the 24 hr news channels get to wax poetic about what Martin Luther King would have done in every possible circumstance, even if they are probably completely wrong.

Would have MLK supported Obama?

Would MLK have been a part of the Occupy Movement?

Would MLK support Gay Marriage?

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Ideas and Beliefs

-by Kid Bucket-

I know it’s been a while since I wrote for haitibabies. I recently got a new job at Disney as a Jungle Cruise Skipper and with the training and everything that’s where most of my time has been going.

In the military there were few sayings that I have liked enough to use as a civilian, but one of the ones I liked the most was “Good Initiative, Bad Judgment”. Oh, you wanted to vacuum the floor? Good initiative. You did it when there was a meeting going on in the room you decided to vacuum? Bad judgment.

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in case you were wondering what is going to take over the news cycle for the next forever.

-by Kid Bucket-

I hate to be the one to tell you this, in fact I don’t know how Ryan Seacrest was able to tweet it, but I will pull through because dammit! I have journalistic integrity.

Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce from Kris Humphries.

I know I know, before you fall into your mental pit of sadness (I had to pull out of mine long enough to write this) remember, marriage is still a sacred institution because the gays can’t get it. America will always be the strongest country in the world so long as we have that antiquated ideal firmly in our grasp.

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America: Where we torture innocent people, execute when there is reasonable doubt, a Kardashian wedding is news, and “So You Think You Can Dance” rules the airwaves.

-by Kid Bucket-

Because I have no life, sometimes I like to imagine my life is a movie. Where is my character going? Is he going to meet that special someone? Would I even watch this fucking movie?

I can answer these questions: Hopefully upwards, I’ll let her find me (I’m too busy imagining my life as a movie), and I would probably drunk Netflix Stream it (but never Quickster it).

But after I heard the news that Troy Davis had been executed while the Supreme Court sat on their asses and acted as the executioner (I’m sure there was a lobbyist benefit that they had to go to and just did. not. have. the. time. to read any of the evidence or the retracted statements, one of which came from someone who was later fingered as the REAL FUCKING SHOOTER by another witness) I tried to imagine my “Real life as a movie” day dream on a larger scale and the roles of the people in it and realized something…

The Government is getting evil-er and evil-er.

Say you are watching a movie and there is a “Fake” Government that does these things:

1. Starts an endless war on people whom are being made into criminals by said war (War on Terror or the War on Drugs? Take your pick)

2. Tortures the shit out of innocent people, in some cases actually murdering them 

3. Makes undocumented immigrants give birth WHILE FUCKING SHACKLED TO A BED AND A GUARD WATCHES EVERYTHING 

4. Executes people who may be innocent, but because the people screaming for blood are white, guess what? He’s biting it. African American population, there’s your reparations.

5. Sets up Governments in other countries that may be repressive to the people and not what they want. After all, what do we care?! We can get some cheap shit.

6. Has lawmakers who wont approve money to help disaster victims in their OWN STATE.

Not to mention the fact that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was only now just repealed and most people who aren’t white male big business owners are treated like shit.

Is this what we have become? Or have we always been this fucked up as a country and I am just now starting to care enough to pay attention?

If you saw that in a movie would you not immediately realize they were the bad guys? I feel like I am preaching to the choir on this (fucking hippies, all of you) but I had to grab my bourbon and my laptop and see what I could pull out of my skull after this shit.

And people wonder why I drink…

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London vs LA: Arrest Those Photographers!

-by Nerdface-

I’ve always had an idea that London was, well, a bit fascist.  Cameras everywhere, cops everywhere, checkpoints—or did I just watch V for Vendetta a few too many times?  Or maybe it was reading about kettling.  Who knows.

Regardless, I recently saw this video.  If it’s too long for you, skip through it a bit—you’ll get the gist.

And I thought, pssh, London.

And then I saw this.  After a recent incident, the Long Beach chief of police confirmed it is their policy to detain photographers taking photos with ‘no apparent aesthetic value’.  Which, of course, the police are well-trained and able to determine.  Oh wait.

And then I cried.

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When is your right to free speech abrogated?

-by Nerdface-

I think most people would agree that riding a train shouldn’t mean you’re giving up your right to free speech.  However, there are many instances where ‘freedom of speech’ goes only so far and no further.

Example: you work at a corporation with a strict social media/blogging policy that forbids you to discuss your job or the company outside of approved communication.  Or, you don’t, but they decide your blog is “inappropriate” anyway.  Or your Facebook comments.

Example: you post online that some people “deserve to be killed” and that you advocate using “FORCE AND VIOLENCE” against specific individuals, along with those individuals’ personal information.

Example: you work as an assistant state attorney general, and decide to start a very strange, personal campaign against a college student.  (Technically Shirvell wasn’t fired for exercising his freedom of speech, but the implications are worth considering.)

So what do you think?

Should your employer be allowed to fire you for writing about your job online?  How about writing anonymously about your job online?

Anyone who has spent much time reading commentary/discussion on the internet (example: youtube comments) knows just how much incendiary, violent, abusive language is out there.  When, if ever, should that lead to criminal charges and jail time?  How much should context be taken into account—and who should decide context?

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BART spokesman: ‘no right to free speech’

-by Nerdface-

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is in a real mess right now.  After a recent protest, Linton Johnson, a spokesperson for BART, said riders “don’t have the right to free speech inside the fare gates.”  Now more protesting is going on as people protest his idiotic statement.

Since when does using public transit (paid for in part by tax dollars—wikipedia says that in 2005 32% of BART’s funds came from taxes) mean you are waiving your right to free speech?

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DARE to do drugs

-by Nerdface-

Too many abstinence-only programs try to scare young people away from trying drugs by highlighting phony horror stories — “if you use marijuana you may turn into a homeless heroin addict.” Yet, the vast majority of people who try marijuana never become addicted or go on to try harder drugs. This leads to many teens ignoring all the drug information relayed to them by people in authority. Once we lose our credibility, it is harder for them to hear the messages that they truly need to hear, like the most dangerous thing you can do is get in a car with someone who has been drinking or high.
-Tony Newman of Alternet, in this article

As someone who grew up with D.A.R.E. and “drug education” as part health class every year, I totally agree.  My school was small, conservative, and Christian, but we had surprisingly good sex ed—not so with the drug education.  What I got out of drug education was mostly that marijuana, heroin, meth, cocaine, acid, E, and PCP are all the same, and they will all affect you approximately the same socially, professionally, and physically.  (Caffeine wasn’t mentioned, nor were prescription drugs really; alcohol, we heard, was pretty bad, especially if you drove, and cigarettes were presented as yucky.)

Once I moved to LA and met people who smoked pot and still had jobs, I realized that my drug education might have been slightly off.  And this did in fact make me then question all of it.  So I ran out, got some heroin, downloaded some recipes for meth, quit my job, lost all my friends (some I killed, some left me), and started selling my body until it fell apart piece by piece and no one would pay me for sex anymore.  And then I died of hepatitis I contracted through dirty needles, but that’s a story for another day.

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Homeless men and women comment on Kelly Thomas beating death

-by Nerdface-

Kelly Thomas, a homeless, schizophrenic man, was beaten into a coma by six Fullerton police officers and died five days later.

Heartbreaking, tragic, infuriating.  It’s hard to find words.

I thought these comments by other homeless people in Fullerton were very interesting.  It’s important to fight for justice in the Kelly Thomas case, especially with the whispers of cronyism that seem to explain the three-week gap between Thomas’s death and any real investigation of the case.  But let’s also take this as a reminder for every one of us….  The people we see on our streets who are down on their luck are human too… they too deserve eye contact, a smile, an acknowledgment, at the least.  And perhaps, there but for the grace of god go we.

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