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The War on Women has found a enemy—everyone else as well.

-by Kid Bucket-

The idea that the GOP is waging a war on women is becoming more and more apparent, but it doesn’t stop there anymore. The religious sect of the right is now taking its battle to both genders with the new Blunt Amendment. With this new attack on rationalism, the GOP have taken the contraception mandate and extended so that it extends to all forms of medical coverage, so they can use it to deny anything that costs more than a band-aid.

Example: You are an employer and one of your employees tells you they have cancer and boy… is that going to be expensive… but wait! You can say your super specific form of Christianity states that chemotherapy is actually the work of the devil and you aren’t going to cover it. Does it matter that this super specific religion doesn’t actually exist? Nope. But thanks to the Blunt Amendment you can be a super huge dick to employers and blame it on religious freedoms.

Now, is that as bad as decimating entire cultures and blaming it on a belief system that more and more people are coming to deny? No, of course it isn’t, but it is still the most recent example of pushing religious beliefs onto an increasingly nonsupporting public. At one time, the Catholic church was a very liberal institution, comparatively, but they are being left behind, and with the last couple breaths the leadership is fighting to stay relevant. Is it going to happen? It might, but there is also a chance of Santorum becoming president (sorry, I just had a waking nightmare) as well and that doesn’t make it any less scary.

This situation has been inching closer and closer to the boiling point, and not a moment too soon. The congressional hearings with no women scheduled to testify. A powerful pundit for the right using increasingly repugnant language to describe a woman who testified in favor of birth control. The brush off when it was brought up that the insurance covered Viagra.

But that was different of course. Viagra isn’t for women, and women aren’t men and have to have kids and cook while cleaning, so take that, people with vaginas.

That this issue is finally getting this amount of attention will turn out to be a very good thing, because this is a REAL case of the interaction between church and government. This isn’t some whiny girl who didn’t want to look at a banner that basically asked her to not be a dick to her classmates. This isn’t a display of the Ten Commandments in front of a state building. This is a case that has an effect of the lives of not just women, but all citizens, for the foreseeable future.

And in the meantime, let’s try to not need a banner to tell us to not be a dick to each other.

P.S. If you were wondering where most of the GOP talking points have been coming from, check out this article written be someone who obviously has no idea how birth control works.

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It’s an election year…

-by Nerdface-

…so let’s take a look at Obama’s record, shall we?

-He didn’t close Guantánamo Bay, possibly the largest stain on the American conscience right now (and that’s saying a lot, sadly). If you read only one article today, read this.
-He signed the 2012 NDAA, which allows Americans to be imprisoned, indefinitely, without trial, until “the end of hostilities” (of the war on terror), which, we can all agree, at the current rate, is never.
-He supports the PATRIOT Act and has voted for it (as a Senator) and signed it into law (as President), despite the many times that he previously spoke out against it.
-He authorized the assassination of an American on foreign soil, based on his say-so as President: no day in court, no trial.
-Continued and escalated foreign conflicts, including the use of drones. He brought troops home from Iraq only when (per a treaty signed under George W. Bush) he could do nothing else. There are still thousands of “security” contractors in Iraq.
-His administration stated it would have a hands-off policy for medical marijuana, then did an about-face and orchestrated an on-going, multi-agency crackdown against pot that’s far beyond anything Bush did.
-The Obama administration has prosecuted more current or former government officials for providing classified information to the media than every previous administration combined.
-Supported the Wall Street bailouts, appointed former heads of JP Morgan and Monsanto to influential government positions.

Arguably mixed bags:
-Passed a health reform law.
-Deported record numbers of illegal immigrants, supposedly focusing on those with criminal records.

-Repealed DADT.
-Officially ended the policy of torture carried out by the Bush administration.

The negative list is worthy of the Bush administration, and, under a Republican president, would be subjected to scathing critique and righteous fury from liberals.
We cannot afford to overlook these acts, even when they come to us at the hands of an eloquent, handsome, black, nominally progressive President. Believe me, I understand. I doubt that anyone—except maybe those imprisoned without trial or killed—is more sorry than I that Obama is not what he could have been. But reality is here. And we cannot and must not delude ourselves any longer.

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Real life jumped the shark

-by Kid Bucket-

It’s obvious (if it wasn’t before) that the GOP is in shambles. Their only real hope right now for any change, Ron Paul, is stuck in third and is unlikely to go anywhere in the future and the front runner?

Mother Fucking Rick Santorum.

Why is this happening? Timing.

This is all a case of good timing and effective pandering on Santorum’s part. There have been other candidates with his credentials of disliking people who aren’t white male land owners, but one thing they were missing was a sense of knowing when to really get their face out there. He waited… biding his time until the Bachmanns and the Perrys and the Cains were out of the race.

Has he shown he can be an awful human being on many occasions? OOOOOOOH Yeah.

But is he an idiot? Not in the slightest and may turn out to be dangerous, come election season.

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oh I’ve just come from the land of the sun…

-by Nerdface-

…from a war that must be won
in the name of truth

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“lies, damned lies, and statistics”

-by Nerdface-

Stuff like this makes me absolutely batty. Right wing/left wing? Love Reagan/hate Reagan? Love Obama/hate Obama? You pays your money and you takes your choice.

It’s all the same—impossible to find out the truth, because no one cares about the truth. We just want to be right. We need to be right. We’re sure we’re right. OF COURSE we’re right. How could we possibly be wrong? OTHER PEOPLE are the wrong ones.

We cherry-pick. We believe the articles that agree with us, we repeat/repost/regurgitate the data that fits our particular worldview, we surround ourselves with media that tell us only what we want to hear. And all the while we spiral more and more into our own crazy.

Both these images came to my attention as recent Facebook shares. Beautiful, isn’t it, how Reagan increased debt by a whopping 189% compared to Obama’s paltry 16%, while simultaneously Obama doubled the overall debt of all previous presidents before him? Impressive, to say the least!

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” -Mark Twain

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Dear Congress

-by Nerdface-

Dear United States Congress,

No offense and all, but you’re a bunch of old fogeys. And the lobbyists and industry heads behind your SOPA and PIPA legislation are just as bad. None of you really understands how the Internet works. Half of you secretly suspect dark magic (FYI, if you stopped using AOL it might help). I’m willing to bet approximately 100% of you have no idea how to torrent. (“More dark magic,” you say, crossing yourself. “Possibly gremlins.”)

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A mouthpiece for everyone

-by Kid Bucket-

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! That means the 24 hr news channels get to wax poetic about what Martin Luther King would have done in every possible circumstance, even if they are probably completely wrong.

Would have MLK supported Obama?

Would MLK have been a part of the Occupy Movement?

Would MLK support Gay Marriage?

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It’s a joke already… fuck it, let’s bring in a comedian

-by Kid Bucket-

Last night, something happened that I was hoping would happen for a long time.

No, no one announced a sequel to “Starsky and Hutch”.

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We should be better than this

-by Kid Bucket-

A new disturbing video has surfaced on youtube, a video of something that should never have happened, that only serves to make us look worse in the eyes of the world.

No, I’m not talking about a new Rebecca Black music video.

I’m talking about a video of four Marines pissing on the corpses of recently killed Taliban soldiers.

Before you say, “Well war is hell and the fog of war was clouding their judgment and they didn’t know what they were doing and…” all I can say is bullshit. The video makes it painfully obvious that they knew exactly what they were doing. They thought it was funny and stupidly decided to record it, like the video of the Marine throwing the puppy off the cliff. The people that do these things do not deserve to wear the uniform and should be made examples of.

But honestly, are we surprised at all?

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The plight of the put upon largest religious group in America.

– by Kid Bucket-

Recently, I have been following some of the more… outspoken… evangelical Christians on twitter and noticed something very interesting. The general idea is they think they should be allowed to say whatever they want, and if anyone tries to shut them up, then their first amendment rights are being infringed upon. They claim that the “gaystapo” gets to infringe on their rights while getting away with whatever they want because they have magical gay powers that apparently are given to them at monthly meetings or something. What these people seem not to understand though is that they have no standing whining about their rights being infringed upon—if the majority of America wants them to shut up they have the right to shut them up. It’s the GOVERNMENT that can’t shut anyone up.

A lot of this boils down to an interesting theme that has popped up recently, the “Put-Upon Christian“.

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