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Maybe they are right? Should “Radical Change” happen?

-by Kid Bucket-

There are many out there who complain that Barack Obama and the “Socialist Left” are trying to fundamentally change America. They say that by supporting same-sex marriage, addressing income inequality, limiting the amount of junk food provided in schools and trying to maybe get America off of it’s fat ass and walk every once in a while, we want to take everything that is good about our country and turn it inside out.

Let’s take a look:

  • The obesity rate continues to sky rocket, with the projected figures showing that OVER HALF OF ALL AMERICANS will be obese by the year 2020.
  • The income inequality continues to get worse, with the GOP doing everything it can to make sure the top 1% can continue to pay low taxes, doing this under the guise of “job creation”. They say they aren’t worried about social issues as much but, as a party, they continue to defund women’s health organizations and write horrible legislation that fucks over everyone who is in a civil union, regardless of sexual orientation.
  • The 24 hour news cycle does nothing but exacerbate issues, with more fighting over which channel is more biased than the other instead of what they are actually fucking talking about.
  • States are voting against equal rights, because they are either being pressured by their churches to donate against passing marriage equality with the threat of excommunication (California) or because a large number of people in the state don’t even really know everything in the bill (North Carolina).
  • Laws like “Stand Your Ground” not only exist, BUT THRIVE, in 2012. Wan’t to look at me the wrong way? I’ll just shoot you and tell the cops you advanced on me. Bingo bango, I’m in the clear.
  • Medical marijuana is not only illegal in most places, but still leads to an incredible number of arrests. With many of the arrests having harsher judgements on minorities.
  • These even exist.
  • A basic debate on the debt ceiling almost brought the country to it’s knees.

That is just a small percentage of the bullshit.

We have so much good as well, but it get’s completely drowned out by all the horrible that happens right beside it. The fact that anyone could even write something like this is more freedom than a lot of countries have. But being able to write about how something has gotten so shitty doesn’t really make up for the soul deadening developments that go with it.

Am I saying reboot the country? No. But until we can sit down and have an adult conversation about what it really happening to the country nothing is ever going to get fixed.

I’m surprised I was able to write that last sentence without laughing.


Reply to Book Review

-by Nerdface- 

Thanks to David Kennedy for responding to my previous post!

David Kennedy here.

Many thanks for the review and thoughts.

The book doesn’t talk about legalization for the same reason it doesn’t talk about gun control or economic development or fixing urban education: because none of it is going to happen, if at all, on a scale and at a pace that will mean anything anytime soon for these devastated communities. The country is simply not going to legalize heroin and crack. Whether it should or not is another question, but one entirely immaterial to a practical approach to addressing violence and related issues. A core part of the outlook that has led to the Don’t Shoot work is that anything meaningful has to be capable of being done by real, ordinary people using ordinary resources. That’s led away from a lot of the usual discussion to a different set of – thankfully very powerful – approaches.

On the race front, the point is less that the history exists – though in fact a lot of people really don’t understand what it was – than it is that the history has led to a set of very powerful and destructive narratives that the opposing parties don’t understand at all. Most white folks simply can’t comprehend why angry black communities would think that the CIA would conspire to destroy them with drugs. Most folks in angry black communities can’t understand why the police would believe that they’re all living off drug money and don’t care about their kids being killled. What matters to changing the way we see each other and work together is understanding how we’ve gotten from the history to where we are today. The main point of the book on that front is that those narratives hide the fact that on the core issues of violence nearly everybody – communities, cops, and offenders – feels the same way: they’re against it. That common ground is enough on which to build massive, and thankfully rapid, change.

Thanks again,


Real life jumped the shark

-by Kid Bucket-

It’s obvious (if it wasn’t before) that the GOP is in shambles. Their only real hope right now for any change, Ron Paul, is stuck in third and is unlikely to go anywhere in the future and the front runner?

Mother Fucking Rick Santorum.

Why is this happening? Timing.

This is all a case of good timing and effective pandering on Santorum’s part. There have been other candidates with his credentials of disliking people who aren’t white male land owners, but one thing they were missing was a sense of knowing when to really get their face out there. He waited… biding his time until the Bachmanns and the Perrys and the Cains were out of the race.

Has he shown he can be an awful human being on many occasions? OOOOOOOH Yeah.

But is he an idiot? Not in the slightest and may turn out to be dangerous, come election season.

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-Kid Bucket-

It actually happened.

Conservative values went so far to the right they spun back around to “values” that makes a lot of liberals say “That’s fucked up”. The debate audience showed again that without Rick Perry they need a candidate who will pander to them. A candidate that will tell them what they want to hear. A candidate that is so far out of the establishment they are in the establishment to tear it apart from the inside.

That candidate is Rick Perry Newt Gingrich.

I’m not an economist. Most economic questions that are more complicated than “You had 20 dollars and you spent 5, how many dollars do you have now” is somewhat gibberish to me. I’m really trying to understand what put us in this shit storm of an economy, and I’m getting there. So in the meantime I will focus more of the fucking sleazy aspects of his hypocritical “values” campaign.

To anyone who wants to see a debate wizard, I would highly recommend they watch Newt Gingrich’s performances. I say performances because I think I’ve already used my allotted uses of the word “pander” since the Tour de Douche hit the south. He doesn’t get asked something he likes? Says he doesn’t want to answer the question, puts on his beat-down strung-out face, and gives a sanctimonious answer. He would give a straight answer but he isn’t in the establishment so fuck you. His quick rise just goes to show that the idea of “anyone but Obama” is going to lead to some really terrible candidates, most of them worse.

In four years, if we end up with President Newt, it’ll be the same shit over again.

“lies, damned lies, and statistics”

-by Nerdface-

Stuff like this makes me absolutely batty. Right wing/left wing? Love Reagan/hate Reagan? Love Obama/hate Obama? You pays your money and you takes your choice.

It’s all the same—impossible to find out the truth, because no one cares about the truth. We just want to be right. We need to be right. We’re sure we’re right. OF COURSE we’re right. How could we possibly be wrong? OTHER PEOPLE are the wrong ones.

We cherry-pick. We believe the articles that agree with us, we repeat/repost/regurgitate the data that fits our particular worldview, we surround ourselves with media that tell us only what we want to hear. And all the while we spiral more and more into our own crazy.

Both these images came to my attention as recent Facebook shares. Beautiful, isn’t it, how Reagan increased debt by a whopping 189% compared to Obama’s paltry 16%, while simultaneously Obama doubled the overall debt of all previous presidents before him? Impressive, to say the least!

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” -Mark Twain

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We should be better than this

-by Kid Bucket-

A new disturbing video has surfaced on youtube, a video of something that should never have happened, that only serves to make us look worse in the eyes of the world.

No, I’m not talking about a new Rebecca Black music video.

I’m talking about a video of four Marines pissing on the corpses of recently killed Taliban soldiers.

Before you say, “Well war is hell and the fog of war was clouding their judgment and they didn’t know what they were doing and…” all I can say is bullshit. The video makes it painfully obvious that they knew exactly what they were doing. They thought it was funny and stupidly decided to record it, like the video of the Marine throwing the puppy off the cliff. The people that do these things do not deserve to wear the uniform and should be made examples of.

But honestly, are we surprised at all?

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The plight of the put upon largest religious group in America.

– by Kid Bucket-

Recently, I have been following some of the more… outspoken… evangelical Christians on twitter and noticed something very interesting. The general idea is they think they should be allowed to say whatever they want, and if anyone tries to shut them up, then their first amendment rights are being infringed upon. They claim that the “gaystapo” gets to infringe on their rights while getting away with whatever they want because they have magical gay powers that apparently are given to them at monthly meetings or something. What these people seem not to understand though is that they have no standing whining about their rights being infringed upon—if the majority of America wants them to shut up they have the right to shut them up. It’s the GOVERNMENT that can’t shut anyone up.

A lot of this boils down to an interesting theme that has popped up recently, the “Put-Upon Christian“.

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The Santorum just surges from his mouth.

-by Kid Bucket-

Very few politicians should be actively despised and vilified for the pieces of shit they are.

Rick Santorum is one of them. He says things that no one with half a brain should ever get away with uttering.

UPDATE: Even his family actively makes their intentions known to support other candidates.

The last one before Iowa… thank god…

-by Kid Bucket-

Will Romney be able to get voters to forget “The Bet”?

Will Newt finally falter?

Will Ron Paul continue his candidacy as America’s Grandpa?

Find out tonight on Fox News at 9 P.M. Eastern!

As always I will be tweeting the debate. I know reader Matt Ferrara likes my debate coverage, so I’m going for two readers tonight!

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