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Dear Congress

-by Nerdface-

Dear United States Congress,

No offense and all, but you’re a bunch of old fogeys. And the lobbyists and industry heads behind your SOPA and PIPA legislation are just as bad. None of you really understands how the Internet works. Half of you secretly suspect dark magic (FYI, if you stopped using AOL it might help). I’m willing to bet approximately 100% of you have no idea how to torrent. (“More dark magic,” you say, crossing yourself. “Possibly gremlins.”)

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Apple Store Customer

-by Nerdface-

Once upon a time, I worked at Apple, and once upon a time, I made this video. It is sadly too true.

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-by Kid Bucket-

For those of you on Twitter, you can now follow our every waking breath!

I bring to you… @haitibabies!

If you happen to not have a Twitter account then you should get one right now WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG? But if you happen to be one of those people who like to brag about not having a Twitter account, this is where you rank:

  1. People who brag about not watching sports
  2. People who make sure you know they don’t watch TV
  3. “TV?! I don’t even OWN a TV.” (But are assholes about it)
  4. “Gawd, Twitter is so dumb.”

So check yoself befo you wreck yoself, and then check out out Tweets!

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Diaspora launches alpha!

-by Nerdface-

I have been waiting for this all my life—well, since the first time I used a social network.  Which is basically all my life, right?  Life doesn’t start till you have a myspace page?


Thank you, internet gods!!!!

Check.  It.  Out.

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apple store chart

-by Nerdface-

Click to enlarge.

thanks to Beff Dizz and juliwood

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Alyssa Bereznak’s Internship Ends…

-by Nerdface-

…and hopefully no one will pay her to write more things.  CBS has a great interview with Jon Finkel on the whole situation.  If you’re not up on the latest internetz scandals, Alyssa Bereznak, (now former) intern for Gizmodo, and Jon Finkel, ex-world champion of Magic: the Gathering, met on OkCupid, went on two dates, and didn’t really hit it off.  Rather than write this off as a normal life experience and move on, Bereznak wrote a bitchy sort of story for Gizmodo about how she went on a date with a Magic: the Gathering world champion and how that made him so dweeby and undateable.  In her article, she posted his name and links to various web pages with details about him.

As it happens, Finkel has come out of this looking rather sweet and charming, while Bereznak, who never informed him she might use their date as internet fodder, and has yet to apologize, comes off as a classic bitch.  Most of the internet agrees, including techiesexpot (full disclosure, that’s me).

If you care, here are a few other relevant details: Finkel is also a hedge fund manager, ran a card-counting ring in Vegas, and has to date made nearly $300,000 winning Magic tournaments.  I’m pretty sure that no matter how nerdy an activity is (and I am clearly down with the nerd-ness), becoming world champion at it and/or making $300,000 through it automatically moves it from nerdy to cool.

I really love nerds, techy people, geeks, all of that sort of thing.  You know why?  Because they tend to be incredibly passionate about their nerdy/geeky/techy interests. And passion is hot.  Period, the end.

Your loss, Alyssa.

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-by Nerdface-

Perhaps not-so-mysteriously, the red deadmau5 avatar is gone from, replaced by two monkeys.  I’d wondered what kind of licensing turntable could possibly have for it; I guess this answers the question.

Now, turntable does still have two Daft Punk ‘Superuser’ avatars.  Will those be next to go?  Or are the “Superusers” they are reserved for Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter?Moving along, female avatars are under-represented.  For example (top), there’s the male gorilla and the male monkey to the one female monkey, who happens to be pink (ugh).  For the 600-999 point avatars, they are all male (pink, but still).Similarly, most of the avatars are pretty damn white.  About a week ago, turntable seems to have come to that same (belated) revelation and added this little guy.But look at the group he was added to.Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but even the animal avatars are white.  (White with Woodland Critter devil-eyes, perhaps, but still pretty white.)

Now, I am a ridiculously huge fan of turntable.  And of course they can have whatever avatars they want.  But I think it’s important for those on the forefront of art, culture, technology—progress, in a word—progressives, if you will—to pay close attention to the subtext of the messages they are sending.  Maybe we could have a kickass troll chick who isn’t pink?

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Debt Ceiling What?

-by Nerdface-

I’ve been trying to extract myself from the quicksand of frustration to write something about the federal government and blah blah, but I don’t feel like being angry right now.

So here’s how to set your Mac desktop as a movie or screensaver.

1. If you already have your file in screensaver format, proceed to step two.  If you only have a movie file, download iScreensaver Designer 4 here (free trial is fine).  Drag your movie into the window, tweak your settings through the ‘info’ button on the left, click ‘build’, and it will install your movie as a screensaver.  (If you get an error message or two after the build is complete, you can probably ignore it—I did.)

2. Once you have your shiny new screensaver, download Wallsaver here.  Go to Preferences to choose the screensaver you want to set as your desktop, click ‘Activate’, and tada!  Get ready for your battery to run down a lot faster.

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