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turntable.fm avatars

-by Nerdface-

Perhaps not-so-mysteriously, the red deadmau5 avatar is gone from turntable.fm, replaced by two monkeys.  I’d wondered what kind of licensing turntable could possibly have for it; I guess this answers the question.

Now, turntable does still have two Daft Punk ‘Superuser’ avatars.  Will those be next to go?  Or are the “Superusers” they are reserved for Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter?Moving along, female avatars are under-represented.  For example (top), there’s the male gorilla and the male monkey to the one female monkey, who happens to be pink (ugh).  For the 600-999 point avatars, they are all male (pink, but still).Similarly, most of the avatars are pretty damn white.  About a week ago, turntable seems to have come to that same (belated) revelation and added this little guy.But look at the group he was added to.Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but even the animal avatars are white.  (White with Woodland Critter devil-eyes, perhaps, but still pretty white.)

Now, I am a ridiculously huge fan of turntable.  And of course they can have whatever avatars they want.  But I think it’s important for those on the forefront of art, culture, technology—progress, in a word—progressives, if you will—to pay close attention to the subtext of the messages they are sending.  Maybe we could have a kickass troll chick who isn’t pink?

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