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how it works

-by Nerdface

1. Get elected to Congress.

2. Because Congress and Big Business/Wall Street/The Military-Industrial Complex are like *this* (holding up crossed fingers), find out all kinds of insider information.

3. Buy or sell stock (or land, etc) as appropriate, using said insider information.

4. Make large profit.

5. Repeat as needed.

I do not understand why Congress’s insider trading is not illegal; I do not understand who could think this is okay; and I do not understand why we are not out there tonight riding these people out of Washington on rails.

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the 53% vs the 99% vs the 1%?

-by Nerdface-

Today I am a bit depressed.  First, Oakland raided its “Occupy” tent city, resulting in (among other things) critical injury to a two-time Iraq veteran.  Then, I started reading more about the  so-called 53% movement.  (Note: it is not a coincidence that the Occupy protests took weeks to get some real attention from major news networks, but the 53% thing is already getting press.  Anything to divide and distract.)

Those identifying as the 53%, which is the supposed number of Americans who pay income tax, are putting the dialogue in terms of Them (hippie freeloaders wanting my money) vs Me/Us (we who work hard and don’t complain and don’t expect special breaks).

It is, in my opinion, a damaging and false divide.  It makes me feel physically sick to contemplate it, because it is so, so unnecessary.  I truly believe that if we all sat down and talked reasonably, we (the 53% people and the 99% people) would realize that we can be, should be, and must be on the same side.

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