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“freedom to do what you should do”

-by Nerdface-

Rick Santorum: “Happiness today is enjoyment, pleasure, what makes you feel good. At the time of our founders, one of the principle definitions was to do the morally right thing. So, think of what our founders envisioned: the freedom to do the morally right thing. Rights given to us by God to serve him and his will in our lives. That is the moral foundation that is America…

“We build a culture of freedom, but a freedom to do what you should do, not what you want to do.”

Ohhhhhh. Thanks for clearing that up, Rick. Much appreciated. I shouldn’t have the freedom to do what I want—just the freedom to do what you want me to do. Got it. Sounds great.

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London vs LA: Arrest Those Photographers!

-by Nerdface-

I’ve always had an idea that London was, well, a bit fascist.  Cameras everywhere, cops everywhere, checkpoints—or did I just watch V for Vendetta a few too many times?  Or maybe it was reading about kettling.  Who knows.

Regardless, I recently saw this video.  If it’s too long for you, skip through it a bit—you’ll get the gist.

And I thought, pssh, London.

And then I saw this.  After a recent incident, the Long Beach chief of police confirmed it is their policy to detain photographers taking photos with ‘no apparent aesthetic value’.  Which, of course, the police are well-trained and able to determine.  Oh wait.

And then I cried.

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