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Where haitibabies was born!

-by Kid Bucket-

In case any of you have wondered how these two writers formed into the mega-awesome blog an average of 30 of you read on a daily basis (seriously, tell your friends), we met through Rolling Stone’s Supreme Court of Assholedom. Put together by writer Matt Taibbi almost a year ago, we have judged a wide array of people, from Dan Snyder (Owner of the Washington Redskins) to Elton John (Singer of Awesomeness). This is the most recent court ruling…

Is Steve Jobs an Asshole?

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the 53% vs the 99% vs the 1%?

-by Nerdface-

Today I am a bit depressed.  First, Oakland raided its “Occupy” tent city, resulting in (among other things) critical injury to a two-time Iraq veteran.  Then, I started reading more about the  so-called 53% movement.  (Note: it is not a coincidence that the Occupy protests took weeks to get some real attention from major news networks, but the 53% thing is already getting press.  Anything to divide and distract.)

Those identifying as the 53%, which is the supposed number of Americans who pay income tax, are putting the dialogue in terms of Them (hippie freeloaders wanting my money) vs Me/Us (we who work hard and don’t complain and don’t expect special breaks).

It is, in my opinion, a damaging and false divide.  It makes me feel physically sick to contemplate it, because it is so, so unnecessary.  I truly believe that if we all sat down and talked reasonably, we (the 53% people and the 99% people) would realize that we can be, should be, and must be on the same side.

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