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Ideas and Beliefs

-by Kid Bucket-

I know it’s been a while since I wrote for haitibabies. I recently got a new job at Disney as a Jungle Cruise Skipper and with the training and everything that’s where most of my time has been going.

In the military there were few sayings that I have liked enough to use as a civilian, but one of the ones I liked the most was “Good Initiative, Bad Judgment”. Oh, you wanted to vacuum the floor? Good initiative. You did it when there was a meeting going on in the room you decided to vacuum? Bad judgment.

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GOP Debate 12: The Re-Re-Re-Debatening

-by Kid Bucket-

It happened! Huntsman came out swinging finally. I thought it would never happen, but when Romney steps into the ring over issues dealing with China YOU BEST NOT MESS WITH THE HUNTS.

Okay, he might not have been swinging. But he did say that Romney was pandering, which isn’t anything he hasn’t been accused of before but it was nice another candidate called him out on it. Also, there isn’t a screencap out there that I have been able to find but the look on Huntsman’s face when Romney said the Chinese were cheating was AMAZING.

Also, this happened.

And Cain called Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy”.

All in all it was a generic GOP debate… for everyone except Rick Perry, he’s done probably still going to end up being president.

One last thing: I usually don’t pay any mind to the differences between the different moderators on the various networks, but the moderators tonight were my favorite BY FAR. I want Cramer to ask every single question for every debate from now until forever and I want the woman from tonight to hilariously interrupt every question she can from now on.

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‘Other’ winning US News & World Report GOP poll

-by Nerdface-

US News and World Report has an interesting poll going.  It appears (from the date of the article) to have been up since February 24, 2011—which is a bit odd in itself.  Usually polls are closed in a reasonable amount of time.  The second interesting thing about it is that although the article mentions ‘unlikely nominee’ Ron Paul as winning CPAC’s straw poll recently (recently when the article was posted), it fails to offer him as a choice in their own poll.  And the third, and most, interesting thing is the result.

There are a few things that one can extrapolate from the results, as they stand now.  One is, most obviously, the rejection of all named candidates.  Sarah Palin has just less than 10%, and the closest behind her is Mitt Romney with 6%. Collectively, all listed options have less than 30%, not even close to a majority.  In all fairness, the second thing we can reasonably assume is that a large number of ‘other’ voters are Ron Paul supporters. Paul’s supporters are passionate, and love online polls.  It is possible some of the ‘other’ votes belong to Gary Johnson, or Rick Perry, or some other person. But I rather doubt it would be any significant number.

Regardless, I do not know that I have ever seen a political poll with this dramatic a result. Even if this poll is meaningless—which possibly all polls are—it fills me with a little bit of hope.  The first election I participated in in any way was the 2004 Bush/Kerry presidential election, and the feeling (I believe shared by many) of having to choose the “lesser of two evils” has stuck with me.  But can you imagine an election with results like this poll?  Can you imagine an election in which the people said, we don’t want even the lesser of two evils anymore—we won’t take either one?  Can you imagine a major election in which a write-in candidate won, or where no one won (which would be the realistic result if somehow the ‘winning’ candidate had less than 10% of the vote)?  I realize that a) there is a huge difference between an election and an online poll, b) with only two choices as opposed to ten, the results change drastically, and c) the circumstances I describe are very unlikely to happen exactly as I described.  Yet I still feel this poll says something important about the political pulse of America today.

If the prevailing political parties, if the media, cannot offer us choices that we accept, we can—we must—reject all those choices.  And this poll shows that I am not alone in believing this.

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Transcript of Romney’s “Corporations are people”

-by Nerdface-

Romney: Do I believe that Social Security should take no part in deficit reduction negotiations?  Is that the question?  And the answer is this: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid account for about half of federal spending.

Audience/hecklers: A lie! Not the deficit!

R: Just hold on—I’m not— About half of federal spending.  And if we are ultimately, not just this year, but over the coming decades going to balance our budget and not spend more than we take in, we have to make sure that the promises we make in Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are promises we can keep.  And there are various ways of doing that.  One is we could raise taxes on people.

A: Corporations!

R: Corporations are people, my friend.

A: No they’re not!

R: We could raise taxes on—  Of course they are.   Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people.  So—where do you think it goes?

A: It goes in their pockets!

R: Whose pockets?  Whose pockets?  People’s pockets!  Human beings’ pockets.  So number one, so number one, you could raise taxes.  You can raise taxes.  That’s not the approach that I would take.  Number two, you can make sure that the promises we make are promises that we can keep.

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