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how it works

-by Nerdface

1. Get elected to Congress.

2. Because Congress and Big Business/Wall Street/The Military-Industrial Complex are like *this* (holding up crossed fingers), find out all kinds of insider information.

3. Buy or sell stock (or land, etc) as appropriate, using said insider information.

4. Make large profit.

5. Repeat as needed.

I do not understand why Congress’s insider trading is not illegal; I do not understand who could think this is okay; and I do not understand why we are not out there tonight riding these people out of Washington on rails.

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GOP Debate 12: The Re-Re-Re-Debatening

-by Kid Bucket-

It happened! Huntsman came out swinging finally. I thought it would never happen, but when Romney steps into the ring over issues dealing with China YOU BEST NOT MESS WITH THE HUNTS.

Okay, he might not have been swinging. But he did say that Romney was pandering, which isn’t anything he hasn’t been accused of before but it was nice another candidate called him out on it. Also, there isn’t a screencap out there that I have been able to find but the look on Huntsman’s face when Romney said the Chinese were cheating was AMAZING.

Also, this happened.

And Cain called Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy”.

All in all it was a generic GOP debate… for everyone except Rick Perry, he’s done probably still going to end up being president.

One last thing: I usually don’t pay any mind to the differences between the different moderators on the various networks, but the moderators tonight were my favorite BY FAR. I want Cramer to ask every single question for every debate from now until forever and I want the woman from tonight to hilariously interrupt every question she can from now on.

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