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What’s funny is really funny unless it’s not funny then it’s wrong.

-by Kid Bucket-


It’s a very hard thing to categorize generally, from person to person. For example, A Fish Called Wanda is a hilarious movie (if you disagree you are wrong and we will take this out back and fight to the death like gentlemen) but not everyone likes Bored to Death (which just means you don’t get it and are dumb). Other than what not liking these two examples says about you, if you don’t think something is funny doesn’t mean it’s not comedy. South Park has been proving this for years, with just about every group of people on earth. I have laughed at every single episode of South Park I have ever seen, even the episode about gingers not having souls (it’s not as funny now, thanks people who think that repeating everything you hear ad nauseum is still hilarious I’M RICK JAMES BITCH!). But I am sure there are some Catholics who don’t like “Red Hot Catholic Love”, and some Mormons who don’t like “All About Mormons”.

I would mention Scientologists and “Trapped in the Closet”, but Tom Cruise would probably just sue me in England.

Which brings me to my point…

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