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Dear Congress

-by Nerdface-

Dear United States Congress,

No offense and all, but you’re a bunch of old fogeys. And the lobbyists and industry heads behind your SOPA and PIPA legislation are just as bad. None of you really understands how the Internet works. Half of you secretly suspect dark magic (FYI, if you stopped using AOL it might help). I’m willing to bet approximately 100% of you have no idea how to torrent. (“More dark magic,” you say, crossing yourself. “Possibly gremlins.”)

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-by Kid Bucket-

For those of you on Twitter, you can now follow our every waking breath!

I bring to you… @haitibabies!

If you happen to not have a Twitter account then you should get one right now WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG? But if you happen to be one of those people who like to brag about not having a Twitter account, this is where you rank:

  1. People who brag about not watching sports
  2. People who make sure you know they don’t watch TV
  3. “TV?! I don’t even OWN a TV.” (But are assholes about it)
  4. “Gawd, Twitter is so dumb.”

So check yoself befo you wreck yoself, and then check out out Tweets!

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